I first realized I had a gift when I was younger. Unsure of what it was or what it meant, I suppressed these abilities, and as I got older the more unaware of my gift or what I was supposed to do with it, I became. 
Later in life, when going through large and unfortunate life changes I realized how much helping others meant to me. It brought me to look within myself, and realize that I already had the tools I needed to do so.
After diving into my gifts for the metaphysical and the holistic, I decided to expand my knowledge and learn as much I she could. After taking several workshops and courses, I acquired my Diploma in Astrology & Parapsychology, and also my certification in Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing,, and most recently, Reflexology.   I am a Reiki Master and I am also certified in Chakra and Crystal healing.
My goal is to help guide people to gain a better insight into their purpose here, answer any questions they might have and shed light on love, relationships, career, business, and family. I hope to give you the tools you will need to cope and embrace your inner spirit in a safe and positive manner.
When not practicing, I like to continue learning and perfecting my craft and abilities, whether through books, classes, or perfecting my intuition.
In my free time, I Iove spending time with my two precious grandchildren, and the rest of my family. It is very important to be present for those you love, and giving gratitude for all joys in life.